Cage edit in bongo for morphing


Im trying to morph a polysurface and have tried cage edit and bend but no key frames are created. Is it possible to deform a polysurface in bongo?

Unfortunatly it is not.
Have a look here:

hi @Luc, All,

Any updated thoughts of deformation in Bongo 3. Even simple cage edit will be really useful for my team. We have a documentation team that has been using Keyshot for rendering and static animation. They also need deformation and I think the learning curve of Modo or Maya would be too high. And they already use Rhino for most of their work. If Bongo can provide some simple reformation keyframing of cage edit points’ position it would be great!



The wish for animated morphing via cage edit occurs on the wish list for Bongo 3.

Meanwhile, if you could inform me on the exact nature of the objects and their deformations, I could have a look whether an answer can be found in Bongo 2. Confidential stuff can be mailed to