Cage edit / displacing a grid of points unevenly


I have been trying to achieve something for more than a day. I’ve looked around the web for solutions, like I usually do when I have a problem to solve. But this time I find nothing, so I am posting here to seek some advice. Can anyone help?

I have a grid/matrix of points, all on a plan, as on the picture below.

I am trying to reshape that grid from its top-right corner, by pushing the points inwards, while keeping a homogenic overall appearance. So far, the only tool that does something close is CageEdit with lines (CageEdit doesn’t seem to work with points).

Below is a photoshoped image of the grid deformation I am trying to achieve.
(red lines should not move, while a certain tangency should be kept, as with the blue lines)

But when I try to achieve the intended grid deformation with CageEdit, it breaks the line curves and makes something very uneven, like the picture below.

Then I tried to increase the degree of each curve so they an bend, but I get the exact same result as picture above.
And same with cutting each line into small grid sections.

I also tried to put a vertical line at each point of the grid, so the lines behave like points, but the whole grid collapses, which isn’t good.

I’m sure some other cad applications would allow me to stick this grid of points to a surface, then dragging the surface’s CVs would just do the job. But I don’t have access to this software anymore, and I am still new to Rhino and I can’t crack this one.
Any suggestion? Your help would be greatly appreciated!

How about “Flow along surface”?

Copy the four sided shape using curves for the sides you want to deform. Deform the second shape to the shape you want. Use Edgesurf to create two surfaces. Use Flow along Surface to produce deformed point grid on second surface.


Hello- I’m not sure if I follow 100% but have a look at the attached file- the red object is the cage, turn on points and adjust the mesh. You can Explode the cage back to a surface and ChangeDegree to 2 by 2 to get more control then CageEdit with it again.

cageEditMesh.3dm (98.9 KB)


Hi hespjohn,
Thanks for your help. This method totally works.
It’s only a bit long as I need the repeat the whole procedure for every slight change and iteration I want to try. But it’s a smart workaround.
Thanks again

Hi pascal,
It’s exactly what I was trying to do. I guess it didn’t work because I was using a closed curve as a control object, instead of a surface.
It’s crazy I didn’t think of trying this.
Thanks a lot for taking the time to sort me out, it really helps!