Cage edit controls R7 vs R5

Why the controls disappear When the surface edges option is deselected.

Looks like a bug, to me, I’ll test it, thanks.
RH-65996 Display: Cages obey surface edge visibility
It seems at least possible this is by design to allow toggling the visibility of these objects since they are ‘special’.


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I would still be of the opinion that it would be good to toggle display of cages independent of surface edges.

This is (IMO) a regression from V5…which somehow slipped by the entire V6 cycle and now V7…

At the very least, it should (and will) work the same as V5. We can discuss other display options related to cages at a later date for V8.



So we should be able to get controls to be visible, for example, in rendered mode? Where surface edges are turned off.

RH-65996 is fixed in Rhino 7 Service Release 13 Release Candidate

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