Cage edit control object behavior question

When cage editing, is there a setting to have geometries deform unidirectionally based on the drag direction if I use either a surface or a curve as a control object? Currently if I use a curve as a control obect to deform geometries, it’ll deform geometires based on the normals of the control instead of the drag direction and thats not producing the result I’m looking for. Can anyone here help me?

You can try making a Cage (3d kind, Cage command) and making it degree1 with two points in one direction - then make all the edits by moving the two points together.

degree1 cage.3dm (403.6 KB)


Thanks Pascal. I need it to work with a predetermined control object is so I can deform locally with falloff, this is where i run into issues with geometries deforming along the normal instead of directional.