CAD to Rhino units

Hi, guys. I wonder if I have linework in CAD and put it into Rhino, do I need to use the same unit I use in CAD? For example, if I use feet in CAD to draw my plan view and would like to build a model in Rhino, do I also use feet in Rhino? Thanks!

You can set the units of your file in the documents properties:

DXF/DWG (AutoCAD) files are unit-less (iirc) so toy need to first set the Units in Rhino and than import.

Doe this help?

Thanks! I tried it. How about if the linework I imported into Rhino from CAD extended the boundary of construction plan? Is there any way to make the construction plan larger?

Hi tianyi- if you want to change the construction plane grid, see DocumentProperties > Grid page. Note the cp itself is infinite, you’d only change how much of it is represented by a visible grid. If I understand you.


Thank you so much! Yes, I changed grid line counts from 70 to 300 in Grid Option, then the construction plane is much larger. Thank you for your help!