CAD Games Workshop - PAZ Academy

We are very proud of these 11-year-old girls incorporating technology, design principles, and arts and crafts during a birthday party. They used Rhino and Grasshopper for designing a T-Shirt, developing their own ideas, and making it real!

PAZ - Parametric Academy Zurich spent four hours with these curious and talented kids teaching them the importance of geometry and having a great time.

First, they interacted as gamers with Rhino and Grasshopper. Then they designed their patterns, discovering the limitless possibilities and finding the best solution. Finally, they had a great time playing with colors and materials. They cut, removed, ironed, and enjoyed themselves.

Thanks to the Birthday Party-Team!

More information about the process and workshops…

Posted Sep 11, 2020 by Carla Sologuren on Rhino News, etc.

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