CAD/CAM preparation: Select All Object in an area -> bake and export each to a single file

Hi Grasshopperz,

this is my first Topic in this forum, i hope my question is on the right place here?.

I want to mill many (around 500) planar panels with differing shape and cutting angles, each part has a Number and some other Text. I need to create separeted files for each part for the CAM software.

Is there a way to select/sort every object (geometry and Text) for instance in a rectangle, and further export the single selections (panels/curves and Text) separately into a dxf file.

I’m not new to grasshopper but haven’t come very deep into it yet, i would be glad for some Ideas :slight_smile:

Paneels.dxf (5.7 MB)

I don’t have a lot of time to look into it but I use python scripts for this kind of stuff. My scripts might not work perfectly with your geometry though. I would need to first create some kind of bounding curve (the rectangle you talk about yourself) for selecting each group of objects. Will try to test later unless somebody else already chips in here.

Did you create the geometry in grasshopper? Or how did you end up with the equally spaced out parts? That might help.

Elefront plugin has a dwg export, per branch. You will need to group by closest point or something of that sort. I can post a definition in an couple hrs once i get into the office.

Does your material have direction (grain) ? whats the sheet size? are the letters etched? dimensions needed as well?

Hi Siemen,

thanks for your fast reply,

The the Paneel outline and the Text comes as dxf export from Cadworks ( 3D Wood engeniering programm).
It is no Problem to get a Frame for every part with it. The X in red and geometry on Layer “Kontur ecken” i made with grasshopper.

Sadly i’m not into pyten so i cant’t do it myself, but i’m very thankfull for any of ur Time and efforts

kind regards

Hi rickson,

thx for ur fast reply i’m not used to so fast replies :).

The direction of the material does not matter yet,

If u mean per sheet size the max panel size its: 2500x1250 mm if u mean real sheetsize its ISO A3 landscape.

As i’m no english native i aint understand what u mean by etched letters.

There are no dimensions needed just the text as i got it in my file.

1000 Thanks for ur time and effort.

greedings from Austria

ok, here is a quick GH script. It needs a few adjustments to get right. Like i said, this requires the elefront plugin.

All elements need to be in rhino, i suggest joining the curves first.

The file names are from the text @ size 50, which has some extras so they aren’t aligning quite right. So require cleanup or a different approach (# the closed curves perhaps)

enjoy! i will check back after lunch if you have any questions. (18.9 KB)


thanks man,

ure so fast, i’m sorry but i cannot hold ur tempo, Working n havin 2 Kids…

i just downloaded the elefront plugin, but i wont be able to check ur definition befor tomorrow evening i hope i dont lose you as suport i will reply when i have had some time to try it.

thanks so many thanks

no problem, i did a 1000 panels last week kinda like this :slight_smile: . Give it a shot, I will check back if you need assistance.

I tried this out and it works really nice. It seems faster than the PythonScripts I’ve been using and way easier. Great work!

The Elefront plugin is well explained here.

At the end export to dwg is done
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