CAD Ass'y Drawing Needed for Custom Engine Mounts

Assembly drawing needed for custom engine mounts. All mounts have been designed in 3D (Rhino). The work will require taking the 3D surfaces and preparing an assembly drawing (4 view) for each of 8 mounts, including dimensioning and updating the required text. I have drawings from previous projects that may be used as a template (which include title block and examples of how the work shall be completed). Timeline is short… I need to have the drawings complete by end of day Tuesday Sept 28 (I could work with an extra day, maybe 2).
Using Rhino 7 is preferred, but not mandatory… Rhino 7 is our primary drafting software and preparing the drawing using it will ensure that all formatting translates properly.
I can prepare a directional video to help guide the work once project is initiated.

I would like to build a relationship with someone to help with this recurring work (every few months), and hopefully have the 3D modeling work included.

Hello @dr33134

I can Assist you on your requirement.

Please connect with Me on Skype - live:.cid.baff7c7dd9471b54 or you can reach me on my Email trish.c(at)talentsfromindia{dot}com

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