Cabinet making - help with a button to let user pick the next box starting point


I work with cabinet making and I am developing a system to make my work faster as I have to draw each and every single box by hand.

I´ve managed to make a script to create the box to my specification and a shelving system that will not render any useless geometries.

After I bake all the important geometries, I also bake 2 extra points to align the next box.

The thing I want to know is: Is there any way to create a button on the remote control that will allow me to select the next starting point?

If you look at the attached file “Captura.jpg” you will see the remote control panel. When I click the “Criar Caixa”, it will bake the geometries

In the file “captura 02.jpg” you can see the initial point, which generally is 0,0,0 to start and reference all box geometries. It will also generate 2 extra points so I can get to the next box in the right place, always going from left to right.

Also attached is the Grasshopper definition if anyone want to look and try to optimize it, all tips will be welcome!

Thank you all!

armario (24.8 KB)

To select points one by one you can use slider and list item.
I don’t see your file , it’s just a suggestion

Unless I am missing something, I cant select the point with a slider after the geometries are already baked…

I wanted to do something like a button “select next cabinet starting point” without having to right click the first reference point withing grasshopper and set it by hand.

Maybe with ghscript or the Human UI add on that would be possible.

Thank you anyhow.

My idea for your problem would be to bake a single point with a user id , read back this point from rhino and use it to build cabinet, each bake of a cabinet generates a new point with that id (or a new id) and you repeat adding cabinets.


That could be useful.

I will read about it and post here if that works.


Elefront is your friend for this

I don’t know if this might help, it’s just a super stupid C# thingy that remembers the position of the last point and adds the length of the last object when you press “Next”

this way the workflow should be:
Reference the initial point (like always)
click “Reset position”
adjust sizes → Bake
click Next
adjust sizes → Bake
click Next… and so on

armario (29.3 KB)


I will check out elefront! Thanks for the hint.

Wow!!! That is exactly what I needed!!!

Thank you for your solution!

Since I am on my mobile right now I cant open the gh file, but it seems that you’ve created a c# script to do all the resetting, right?

I will have a look closely at the solution on monday.

Thanks again!!

the C# script just “remebers” the point you are working on: when you click the “Next” button, the component adds the “Largura” value to the x coordinate of the point stored in memory

when you click the “Reset” button, the stored point is overwritten by the original point referenced from Rhino

this way, by clicking Next, you can continue the construction of a new cabinet starting from a new point that has x coordinate = LastPoint x coordinate + Largura :+1:

it can for sure be improved, for instance when you click Next it also bakes the current model

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Nice one! Thanks for the explanation! It will come in handy when I look at the script.

Thanks again for the great help!