C# What is a correct way to remove several ngons from mesh that has ngons?


I would like to merge several connected ngons into one.

Before doing that, I expected I could remove several existing ngons ones, and then create new ones.

But when I print how many ngons are before and after removal I get the same number.
What would be an approach to my problem?

        Rhino.RhinoApp.WriteLine(mesh.Ngons.Count.ToString()); //Prints 55 


        Rhino.RhinoApp.WriteLine(mesh.Ngons.Count.ToString()); //Prints 55

@Petras_Vestartas, have you tried to apply the changes to the object in the Rhino document using:

rh_obj.CommitChanges() ?


Hi Clement,

The issue is that geometry is not baked in rhino but created in .net.

Nevertheless, I solved my issue without removing ngons.