C# vs Python


I have found a video online https://vimeo.com/247048808 and they are talking about the calculation time of each language (C#, VB, Python). Python seems very slow. I believed, the calculation time between C# and Python is negligible. The test shows the difference.

However in terms of development, Python is still more comfortable and no need to be compiled. It works like a real time script. I think the best way for script creation is IronPython because when calculation time become crucial it is easier to turn IronPython into C# code.

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I would have say that’s the other way around (for the same reason as it’s believed that it’s easier to use Python to start with :slight_smile: )

If you use the C# Script Component the compilation is done for your (when closing the script editor, or pressing the green button on top). No configurations. Exactly the same experience as when scripting Python.

It is only if you want to use Visual Studio for C# or VB development of components that it takes more set up and configurations etc. So that is a bit diffrent from scripting on the canvas.

Python is a little more confortable yes.

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Depends on your preferrence.

I started from Python in Rhino, but then shifted to C# because I was used to Java language.
And since most of documentation is written in C# or VB, it was easier to learn Rhino API for me.
The syntax may need more typing, but it becomes more straight forward at later steps, especially if you want to use third party libraries.

But this is never ending question, which programming language depends on your preference.