C# script - how to copy custom geometry on multiple base points?


I am wondering how to copy custom geometry on multiple base points.
As like my screenshot image, I made a geometry that does not exist in Rhinocommon C# class. And I would like to copy this one on multiple base points.

HowToCopyCustomGeometry.gh (252.8 KB)

Do you have any advice for me? thanks for your help!!

Set a point that is the original base point of your geometry.
Foreach basePoint duplicate your geometry.
Move each duplicate from original base point to its basePoint.

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I am wondering how to get a base point from a geometry.
Can I make any point in Rhino and set that as a base point of the custom geometry?


yes. you can, but it is often usefull to put some sense behind it, like being the center of your volumne or a cornerpoint of, say a box/rectangle etc.
its easiest to just try out and then, once you understand how it actually works, you will find a logic that will suit you.

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