C# Script editor - Properties dropdown for Rhino.Geometry namespace on Rhino for Mac

I am still a beginner and would like to see the properties of some namespaces or classes as a dropdown. Unfortunately, I only have a Rhino for Mac and with my school’s lab inaccessible I can’t get my hands on the Win version of Rhino.
Is there any way to toggle this? Or do I need to install any library or assembly?
Help is appreciated thanks

I have no idea about mac and how well the autocomplete works, but I could imagine, that the pop-up is just not showing because of the previous syntax errors (the brackets for the point are missing, and A is usually the output variable…)

What happens when you write the following?

Point3d pt = new Point3d(); 

Sometimes also closing/reopening, maximizing, restarting grasshopper etc. helps to fix this.

Autocomplete for C# on Mac has not been implemented yet.


Thank you Steve for letting me know. I thought I was missing something. I only pray to the McNeel gods that they bring this soon. :mask:

Hi Steve,
Just wanted to follow up on this as this is the most wanted feature for the Rhino Mac. Any imminent plan for implementation? Thanks, W

We have C# code completion running in a prototype component. It shouldn’t be too long.

Oh, that’s great news! When do you expect it? Is it coming with a new SR for Rhino 6 or with Rhino 7 official release? Anyways, can’t wait to see it implemented… !

It will be in an early v7 service release.