C# script component tooltip/ documentation


I am currently working with simple C# components for which I would like to add a description and parameter information.
In GhPython one has to use the

"""Provides a scripting component.
        x: The x script variable
        y: The y script variable
        a: The a output variable"""


The grasshopper C# component seems to be using summary and parameter tags.

I tried out every position in the component where pasting is possible, but the information is not shown on hover.

Does this only work for C# addins or should it work for script components too/ what am I doing wrong?

Thank you.

The C# component does not look at any of the comments in the script. If you want to set the tooltip field of inputs or outputs you must do so directly through code.

I can upload an example later today once I get in front of a proper computer instead of this tablet.

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param management.gh (5.2 KB)

This should work.

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