C# : Possible to sort TopologyVertices (say along X or Y)?

I would like to traverse meshes from neighbor to neighbor in some direction of choice, but is it possible to rearrange TopologyVertices to follow a different order without messing up the Mesh?

And if so, how to I rearrange the TopologyVertices with C# code?

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That’s easy provited that you can deal with Lists of integers (conn topo vertices indices etc etc) and do the loop (use Lists intersections and some bool[ ] visited [kinda the other post of yours] to control the vertices exploited).

By re-arrange I assume that you mean: get a List of vertices and do something (maybe drainage?).

Other than that :

BTW: Post something (not a banana mesh I do hope).

I have only banana meshes. :slight_smile:

The SortEdges and ConnectedTopologyVertices stuff is OK, I’m thinking more about ordering the vertices - or faces - in “bands” or stripes around the mesh so I can traverse them in a successive order:

I do have some “slicer” stuff (pictured), but that’s not exactly what I want (and it’s a slow approach and it works with a “thickness” of the slices and…). What I want is instead is an advancing index-order so I can traverse from one vertex or face to a neighbor ditto, in a desired principal direction.

Fig 1. Clumsy slices … nah. But an ordered index list to traverse would be fine.

I guess I have to make an index map filled with TV-indices, then sort the map according to my needs and then traverse and lookup the TV index for each step. Something like that.

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OK, do the following as practice:

Given a vertex and using solely topo vertex conn arrays (with no sort) do an open/closed indices loop (naked/clothed vertex). Classic - type int - List intersections and a bool array to keep track the visited indices.

After that modify the code: take into account something (a direction [kinda we do for drainage], a proximity to a curve, a cat and/or a dog). Then use the Method in a recursion and do your path(s). BEFORE adding things in the recursion mastermind a safe exit policy.

This type of logic is used for things like these (in this case drainage from rnd faces):



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BTW: I hate meshes (most notably banana meshes).

It is the banana meshes which separates the little lads from the men. :sunglasses:

(But I’ll grow up one of these days, don’t worry)

And yes, a proximity check against a plane or surface can be used as a guide. My (only) half reliable mesh cutter already does that. Gotta find a way to speed it up though:

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And this as well (CR500 MX: the notorious widow maker). Make a good life insurance and give it a try.

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Get the attached. Is unfinished (on purpose) and slightly faulty (ditto). The scope is to “map” (so to speak) a curve into a mesh by searching neighbor topo vertices that yield the min angle VS the crv prox tangent (per current vertex).

Of course is pointless … but so what?

Mesh_VertexPaths_EntryLevel_V1.gh (162.5 KB)

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Okay, that was cool. Got it. Very useful. Thanks!

// Rolf

BTW: The coolest race EVER was that immortal one (King Kenny VS TZ750):

Mesh_VertexPaths_EntryLevel_V1A.gh (162.0 KB)

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I’ll have a look also at the V1A version. I like the approach, cool, remains to make it practically useful.

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I’m not solely a spectator mind.

Mesh_VertexPaths_EntryLevel_V1B.gh (171.8 KB)

I really meant “drive for spectators”. :smiley:

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Note: as I said, there’s a challenge on these things.

The continue based on the if(visited[index]) check requires something else as well. Meaning that the recursion - in some cases - terminates for no apparent reason. But … what is missingt? That’s the 1M question.

Here’s some hints (for the brave):

Mesh_VertexPaths_EntryLevel_V1C.gh (165.7 KB)

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