C++ Plugins for Mac

What is the current status of C++ Plugins for Mac? As mentioned here it is under development… how near are we to the release?

I am not an expert on this topic, but I am for example relying a lot on Karamba3D, which is currently only available for Rhino for Windows and it would be awesome to be able to use it one the Mac… (same goes for Evolute, V-Ray, etc.)

Can someone enlighten me here?

Best wishes, Rudi

AFAIK the current idea is that the SDK is RhinoCommon, the .NET SDK, but there have been discussions about C++. More users/devs with request for C++ SDK will probably help in tipping the scale towards a positive answer in the future.

Thanks for the answer, man!
Can you give me a very rough estimate of the time frame for that?

Sorry, no estimate, not even rough. The best is “maybe”, and even that isn’t certain.

Alright, good luck!

Hi @rudolf.neumerkel,

It’s possible to call function in C++ from .NET, including on the Mac. Here is some info on this:

– Dale

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FYI, which is the way the Cycles engine is integrated on both Windows and Mac as Raytraced.

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Thank you guys a lot for the information, this is definitely something, that I have to dive into deeper!