[C++] Not able to change RHINO_PLUG_IN_VERSION


When I create a default template Rhino 5 C++ plug-in, the plug-in version is set as


and the release can be installed. However, when I change the version for something like


then I cannot install it, there’s this message:


Can somebody tell me the correct syntax or what’s happening? @dale suggested it could be because I have Rhino 6 Beta installed in the same computer, but I tried in another one that does not have it and the same happens. @will ?


@will is this something you can look at?

– Dale

@pagarcia Sorry for not responding sooner. I’ll try to reproduce this later today or Tuesday and figure out what’s going wrong.

@pagarcia The Rhino Installer Engine expects the version number to be either some sort of date string (like the default) or a 4-digit version number.

Try using RHINO_PLUG_IN_VERSION(""). (Note that this is just a plain char *. No L prefix.)

@will It works! Thank you very much.