C# Node not executed when called through Rhino.Inside


We are trying to embed Rhino.Inside in our application. The idea is that parametric designers can create a Grasshopper script, which can be uploaded to our application, and we will populate the desired parameters and then execute the script.

We managed to get it working based on this code (rhino-developer-samples/rhino.inside/dotnet/SampleRunGrasshopper at 7 · mcneel/rhino-developer-samples · GitHub).

When using this script we will get the desired result.

This is a screenshot from a .Net console application. The node ‘Input1’ gets assigned a new value, and when retrieving the data from the output node the result is correct.

But when using a custom C# node which does nothing more then concattenating 2 input strings, the output will not return any result when called from the .Net Console application. In Rhino it works as expected.


Is it only possible to use native nodes, or are we missing something?

Is this something that could work with Rhino.Compute, or is executing custom nodes not allowed in a headless environment?