C#_Multiple attractor points

I have a pattern which is responding to the point. I want to add more points so that pattern would respond to those multiple points. I could do that may be closest point component in grasshopper but how do I do that in c#?
find attached file pictures!

Any help would be great!

// finding distance between grid point to the attractor point
List<double> dist = new List<double>();

for(int i = 0; i < Grid.Count; i++)
  double d1 = x.DistanceTo(Grid[i]);

// Remap Value formula = (value - from source)/(to source - from source)*(toTarget-fromTarget)+from target
List<double> tVal = new List<double>();
foreach(double d in dist)
  double dT = (d - dist.Min()) / (dist.Max() - dist.Min()) * (0.9 - 0) + 0;


06_Islamic Pattern.gh (10.4 KB)

Hi you could have a look at this Closest Points in RhinoCommon/C#

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