C: Material Library


Quick question, is there a way to redirect the library of jpeg used for the diffuse and transparent channels to default to a different folder?

I am on a large network that has a good render farm but no access to each-others local C: so the nodes cant access the textures. Rather then going and installing Lands on each node or manually redirecting textures is it possible to re-direct the plugins texture folder to a network drive (which would be just a copy of the C: textures) when creating the content.

Thanks in advanced,

In the Lands Options (Rhino Options > Lands Design) under the Render Tab there is a setting to set the “Temporary texture file folder” for realistic plants. You can set here any folder on a network drive.

However this applies only to the materials created on air for the “very detailed plants” generated before the Render starts. For the rest of materials you must edit them and manually copy the texture files to the network drive.

Hope this helps you.