C# learning doubt



Of course it is not a good idea for auto didactic beginners to start with VS but it should be possible in a well guided workshop. Long Nguyen is doing C# workshops and there are recordings available: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLapoQ_9M-ujfYGOsZProIXPGx-HRfjJ9C

It may be very tough for a beginner to follow and understand everything of such a 3 days workshop. I think it is really matter for weeks, if not months… but if someone decides to go that way it may be an endless journey. Nobody said it will be easy.


Absolutely. If having personal guidance VS would not be a problem at all.

This is an important question BTW - should newcomers to programming be adviced to take guided courses, or to try it entirely on their own?

As for me I only recently recall that I didn’t actually start learning programming entirely on my own - from the beginning that is - which I thought I had. I actually took part in a three week university course learning the basics of (Turbo) Pascal* with at least some degree of guidance. But from those three weeks onwards it has been many lone hours. :slight_smile:

Another thing that hasn’t been discussed (or even asked) much in this thread is what kind of programming will be dominant. Geometric modelling (Rhino centric) math-centric simulations (physical etc). I mean that in this case the end really should “justify the means” (best pick of language).

Unity was mentioned by the OP however, which makes it pretty clear that C# is preferred (since Unity uses C# as its script language) but the OP may be willing to provide (in public) more about what kind of programming he would do.

As for me I don’t have much experience of Python so I can’t really tell how well suited it is for different kinds of problem domains compared to other languages (applications, web, numerical analysis, AI, ML or whatever). But if the requirement is useful for Rhino + Unity then theres not much to it - the answer is C# since that is what brings him to this end goal.

// Rolf

  • Still available for download! :slight_smile:


Learning any language is hard without proper guidance.

What worked good for me was to go step by step from whatever language you already know. I started off with BASIC, moved on to PASCAL and later Delphi. All of those are pretty close to the english language. It was a big leap to move to the more cryptic C++ and later on to C#.