C++ iterative object display


I have simple question regarding displaying object through rhino pugins / c++.

  1. Is the only way to display object is by baking it? Like context.m_doc.AddSomeGeometryType()

  2. If I have simple for loop and in each iteration I move point by one unit in z axis. Each iteration I would like to display.

Would I need to somehow get existing point object in rhino and bake each time? Do rhino commands always executes a function only once? Or there is a similar approach like grasshopper ExpireSolution(true) method?

Is there any example illustrating this?
The reason for asking just for iterative display purposes while method is running.

Conduits is the answer:

And no, it isn’t for .NET only. Here some guides for C++:

And the developers sample repository with search for CRhinoDisplayConduit

Thank you:)

May I ask you a simplest visual studio project that includes Conduits?

The simplest, already existing, solution is in https://github.com/mcneel/rhino-developer-samples/tree/6/cpp , called SamplesCpp.sln