(C++) Is it possible to keep elements centred in a tabbed dock bar?


I’m working on creating a tabbed dock bar in rhino by following this example and want it to be fully resizable.
The issue is that the CRhinoUiDialogItemResizer only allows for left aligned, right aligned and stretched items, but I’d like to have some elements remain in the middle without changing their size.
Is this somehow possible?

I tried to simply move them through the MFC editor in visual studio, however that doesn’t work as their position is often incorrectly set (if they have a move property, you scroll down and then resize the window the elements shift along with the scrollbar).


Hi @robin_l,

If you don’t want controls to move or change size automatically, then don’t use RhinoUiDialogItemResizer with them. If you want controls to move when the form is resized, then override CRhinoTabbedDockBarDialog::OnSize and move the control manually.

– Dale