C# How can i display object like Grasshopper reference?

When you select an object… i want to display object like Grasshopper…
any idea?

Can you be a bit more specific? Are you writing a plugin for Rhino, developing Grasshopper components, or scripting? How is the selection happening?

Similar but related question so im theowing it in here for housekeeping. How can I display geometry that is neither selectable nor will it be saved in a rhino crash file.

Example workflow might entail:
Load a construct geometry from file and display in rhino in a similar format to LOCKing the geometry. To be used as a very pale refetence object only and will not save with the user file. Needs to be toggled on off?

I recommend looking at Display Conduits. Here is a guide with an example to get you started. I’m assuming you are using RhinoCommon, since you’ve not specified otherwise.

Thanks. Already using conduits for some basic stuff. I might be missing the process or method but till so far ive not found a way to load a file directly inyo a conduit (to qualify though ive not spent a lot of time looking into it it either).

I need about 5 extra hours a day for my unnoficial projects…

That’s not how conduits work. They are not objects that display geometry stored in files. A conduit is a collection of events/callbacks that you can choose to handle as a developer a then draw custom geometry using the pipeline’s or viewport’s drawing methods. You get to choose exactly what geometry you draw, whether stuff is drawn in world space or screen space, what colours/materials to use, whether to exclude specific viewports or projections, etc. etc.

Thanks. Pretty much what I thought. Can you point me in the correct direction for creating a secure viewer? My current one operates outside of rhino and decrypts a memorystream obj in runtime to display only a 2d sprite representation of the the 3d object at any given angle so that nothing can be grabbed from memory or 3d buffers etc. Id like to be able to bring that into rhino if possible.