C# grid code function

Hello guys!

I am trying to learn some basics on C# so I am pretty amateur.

I try to make a very simple code of a grid. When I make it normal everything works fine but when I try to use additional code and functions something happens with “multiplier” input. I think that I have to initialize it somehow or what? I would appreciate your help!

Thanks in advance!

Grid.gh (5.3 KB)

It can be initialized or not.

But the mistake you made is this:

int _multiplier () ;

which must be

int _multiplier;

usually () means a function declaration, which is not used with variables.

Thank you Petras for your answer!

I know that my question maybe is silly but even if I right it like this:

int _multiplier;

what does this error means afterward?

It is not an error, it is just a warning.

It tells you that this variable is not assigned, just like pList.

You can assign a value from runscript if needed.

But I already have an integer slider with values from 0 to 10 which works fine when I don’t use additional code. Why is that?

Thanks again!

You have to pass local variable from runscript to global parameter - _multiplier, then your function will recognize it:

  private void RunScript(Point3d p0, int u, int v, int multiplier, ref object A)
    pList = new List <Point3d> ();

    createGrid(p0, u, v);

    A = pList;
    _multiplier = multiplier;//////////////////// here


  // <Custom additional code> 

  List <Point3d> pList;
  int _multiplier ;

  void createGrid (Point3d p0, int _u, int _v){

    for(int i = 0; i < _u; i++){
      for(int j = 0; j < _v; j++){
        Point3d p = p0 + new Vector3d(i * _multiplier, j * _multiplier, 0);

Ohh…I see now…thank you very much Petras!
Much appreciated!!