C# get kinks


[deleted, irrelevant]

I was able to circle the error and it must be around here.

I wonder why this code:

  public List<double> GetParameter(Curve C)
    List<double> kinks = new List<double>();
    double current = 0f;
    bool chk = true;
    while (chk)
      double kinkT;
      chk = C.GetNextDiscontinuity(Continuity.C1_locus_continuous, current, C.Domain.Max, out kinkT);
      if (chk)
        current = kinkT;
    return kinks;

would not return the correct kinks, although it works fine for all the other curves. I cannot detect a difference between them

the grasshopper component is able to detect them though.

c#kinks.gh (31.9 KB)

What am I doing wrong?


I had to reparameterize the curve. it didn’t work with curves that had completely negative domains.

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