C# Error (CS0012) 'System.Drawing.Color'

Hi World,

I am having trouble with a C# script in Grasshopper. I keep getting a ‘System.Drawing.Color’ error and I cannot figure out how to fix it?
When I right click on the to “Manage Assemblies” nothing comes up after I click manage assemblies. Any insight would be a massive help!

I am trying to pack circles with set radius to represent an image from a mesh, if there is a more effective way to go about this please let me know!

Thank you!

C Sharp Error.gh (65.8 KB)

Your custom IGoal C# was in a horrible state.

K2_ImageCirclesCollisions_V1.gh (71.1 KB)

Thank you for the help!!

I am still returning 2 runtime errors I dont understand on the C# K2_IGoal.
I attached a screenshot below. Any idea how I can fix these errors?

Thanks again!


Er … hmm … I don’t get it at all (it works 100% OK here, but that is not a strong argument given this weird error on your system):

Line 246 is this:

And the mesh is a quad mesh anyway:

Out of ideas I’m afraid.

BTW: You can try this K2 Goal as well: