C# Editor doesn't find my local dll

Hello @eirannejad
I am using the new c# editor with Grasshopper in Rhino 8. I want to include some library (dll). I put this library on the same folder as the script
I do that

and it works.

On a same component I did that on a previous session it file is not found

On these component I put earlier an absolute reference but as I work for a client he has not the folder as me.

Is there a way to ensure that it keeps looking on current folder ?

The assembly must be loaded in Rhino if you are referencing it like # r "Name.dll". Currently Grasshopper scripts can not reference assemblies and modules alongside Grasshopper document.

I have a ticket to improve this

RH-81129 Scripts to search for modules/asse,mblies in Grasshopper document directory

Thanks for your answer, but I don’t understand

How to do that ?

@laurent_delrieu I am not sure how you are sharing the dll. Ideally it should be in a shared location and the absolute be added to the #r reference.

I have the YT ticket above to fix relative paths