C# Component Warning (CS1701)

Hi all,

I am developing a GH plugin and for now, I am referencing a C# class library assembled in VS, and this throws a warning message.

  1. Warning (CS1701): Assuming assembly reference ‘RhinoCommon, Version=6.35.21222.17000, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=552281e97c755530’ matches ‘RhinoCommon, Version=7.11.21293.9001, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=552281e97c755530’, you may need to supply runtime policy

I understand this has something to do with its version, but wonder C# component and library aren’t forward compatible? It says “you may need to supply runtime policy”, and how do I do this?




I am just updating the question.

I am developing GH plugin with a class library set in VS2019. I used Nuget Package manager to reference Grasshopper and Rhinocommon DLLs, both the latest stable (7.12.21313.6341)

However, I am still getting this warning in the C# scripting component that references the DLL.

Warning (CS1702): Assuming assembly reference ‘RhinoCommon, Version=7.12.21313.6340, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=552281e97c755530’ used by ‘AptEval_CL’ matches identity ‘RhinoCommon, Version=7.12.21313.6342, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=552281e97c755530’ of ‘RhinoCommon’, you may need to supply runtime policy (line 0)

Below is the screengrab of the Visual Studio, I don’t know why the version of the reference from the package differs from that of the package. Also, I wonder if there is any way of preventing these warning messages in the first place. Why do the versions differ from each other? 6340, 6341, 6342???