C--c | glass with a twist

Building curved walls from bent glass traditionally is a costly affair. Using adjustable appliances or even bespoke moulds a flat glass sheet is heated to about 600 ° C, until the entire sheet gets ductile. It then gradually, due to gravity takes the desired shape. Even after the bending process has completed the part needs to remain inside the furnace for many hours in order to slowly neutralize bending stresses. The outcome is certainly attractive but undertaken efforts inevitably are reflected in the price per unit.

A product concept presented by the German Industrial Designer Holger Jahns pursues an

entirely different approach at lower cost. Industrially prefabricated elements from glass come with a unique coupling mechanism which permits joining of slim individual elements at any angle and without ever committing planners to a particular shape.

c–c indeed is an advancement over channel glass – a machine rolled glass product in U-shape,which

is in production since decades. The updated profile shape makes the product truly fit for curved architectural applications.

Find further information at the Grasshopper Forum and the Main Project’s Website.

Posted Dec 16, 2015 by Verena Vogler on Rhino News, etc.