C++ API Docs offline / not working?


it seems that the Rhino 7 C++ API docs are offline or not working currently, e.g.:

Rhino C++ API: Main Page
No working links, search function does not find anything

Rhino C++ API: CRhinoObject Class Reference
→ leads to a 404 page with a sad Rhino :wink:
Just an example found via google, other direct links from google are also leading to a 404 page

Can somebody from McNeel please check ? @dale ?

Also, is it possible to download the C++ API Docs somewhere for offline use ?

Cheers & Thanks

@will - is this something you can help with?

I’m sorry @svenk! I’ll roll them back to 7.19 while I figure out what went wrong…

Should be sorted now!

If you need to, you can download current version of the HTML docs from GitHub:



Thanks Will - especially the link to the archived docs helped a lot :slight_smile: