C++ access to RUI-generated menus?

So, I’ve been looking at the rui way of adding menus. It looks pretty nice to be able to keep the toolbars and the menus more in sync. I’ve also have some users request a menu rui file, so they can modify it to their preference.

Is there a way in C++ to iterate through menu items, like there used to be to iterate through toolbar items? We use that currently to do translation of toolbars, and it would be very helpful for menus as well. C# would be fine if C++ isn’t an option. I looked through the C++ SDK, but didn’t see anything.

Thanks :smile:

RUI files can contain both menus and toolbars and RUI files are just XML, so if your goal is translation to other languages, I guess you could make a RUI with string placeholders and use well-known localization tools to translate to other languages. No need to do this from code I think.

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