"By Parent" not consistently an option in -Properties?

Wanting to create a macro setting…

  • Display Color
  • Linetype
  • Print Width
  • Print Color
  • Material

…to “By Parent”, for quicker Block setup, as I want all these to be controlled by the instance, not the source geometry.

When using -Properties, I’m finding the “By Parent” choice in Material and PrintWidth, but not in the other properties.

Why is this?

Also, Material calls it “Parent”, whereas PrintWidth calls it “ByParent”.

Why is this not unified?

Moreover, most of the further properties, such as texture mapping or curve piping, don’t seem to allow any “by parent” interaction at all. However block instances can receive properties here.

I think this is confusing and should be tidied up urgently. Professional use of Rhino really depends on an instancing system, and as a real Rhino lover, I’m sad blocks have been neglected for so long.