.BXF & .DAE import


I’m currently working with DYNAPLAN (http://www.blum.com/gb/en/02/40/20/) and was wondering if there is a possibility to offer the import of Blum’s proprietary file format .BXF from within Rhino 3D. My only possible workflow is I’m able to import data as a .DAE (collada) file into Sketch-up then back to Rhino 3D as a .SKP. This is obviously not an ideal work flow as the resulting .SKP has the usual traits of this modelling format, Ie faceted cylinders / holes etc needing to be redrawn.

Just putting it out there as it would be a welcome bridge into Rhino 3D.



Do you know is DYNAPLAN has a Software Development Kit available for reading and writing their file format?

I believe so yes, Ive spoken to their technical guy and have his details i can forward on if that helps.

Yes, actually it does. We can look at the details of their SDK and make a determination of how many Rhino users might benefit from that new file format, and then potentially schedule doing the work.
If there are not enough users, then the DYNAPLAN developers have the option of writing a Rhino plug-in (our SDK is free), so then they could make their Rhino plug-in available.

Hi John,

Ill set up a chat and forward the details on if that’s ok.



Actually, if you post it here and include @tim, (he’s the developer), the information will get to the right guy.

are there any changes to import .bxf from dynaplan?

There hasn’t been enough interest from the Rhino user base to justify us doing this development work. That doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be useful.

I’d recommend you contact the Dynaplan developers and see if they want to do either an export tool for their application, or write a Rhino plug-in so Rhino can import their files directly.

Here’s a the link to give them for access to, and details about doing the work:



Has there been any movement on integrating rhino and the Blum Dynaplan software?

It would be really useful and avoid clunky work arounds with sketchup.



Not on our end. We’re way too busy with Rhino development. Have you contacted them? The developer tools they would need to do the work are free.