Button or Knob to change paths

I have a body that I would like to rotate around different axes using a button. I am looking for a way to, for example, click a button and change the body from rotating around the x-axis to the y-axis. Is there some kind of feature that allows you change different paths?

Stream Filter, ‘Set | Tree’ tab. Often used with Value List as input ‘G’ (Gate)


Value List has a right-click option for Value Cycle mode (a fwd/back button).

Stream Filter inputs could be planes (XY, XZ, YZ) instead of vectors…

Welcome @acbowles,

Here’s an alternative approach to what Joseph proposed above:

It’s up to you, what you like best. One thing to note is that changing the axes by slider might be faster than going through a dropdown menu each time. For beginners the functionality of the dropdown menu might be easier to understand though. After all it’s been a staple of UI design, since the dawn of electronics and graphical user interfaces.

Hi, @acbowles, I am very interested in making operations that are repeated often as quick as possible because those seconds devoted to each step add up to a lot of time in the long run.
In my input objects, I prefer -when possible- the ones that just need clicking (no sliders/typing/selecting)
and usually save them as user objects so as to save time from setting them up.

here are two ‘tricks’ I use a lot:

the first case (faster/ only two options)
with stream filter and a button you can toggle between two states with a double click. (fast) and if you encapsule it in a cluster and save it as a user object, you can call it and use it within milliseconds.

the second case (slightly slower/ many options)
is just a list with the three vectors x,y,z. (or as many as you want). Again, if you save it as a user object it can be called instantly.
button.gh (9.0 KB)

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