Button click delay?

Hi forum. I do need to delay somehow the press of a button for around 0.2 seconds to trigger different bake components in a very specific order all from the same button trigger and I do need a way to add a delay time between triggering different components.

If somebody have a solution for this issue, please post here. Best regards.

Delay Button Press for 0.2sec.gh (1.7 KB)

I do found some inspiration here: Triggering a button - Grasshopper / Kangaroo - McNeel Forum

Unfortunately this script runs as soon as I open my definition. How I can prevent this loop to start when open the definition? I do need to run only when I do press the Button.

Delayed_Button_Press.gh (7.1 KB)

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I ended up with this Frankenstein solution. Maybe somebody more skilled than me can find a better way to solve this problem, but for now this is the only way I found that really works.

I don’t have all those plugins installed, so I’m not exactly sure what you’re trying to achieve, but something like this looks like it might work/be edited to work:

I need to delay the press of a button. I do tried a lot of Python solutions but unfortunately all of them begins to run as soon as I open the definition. This 231111_TimerWithBooleanFlag_00.gh one it is no exception.

I do need to have a True value after 1s after I do press the Button and not before. On release state I do need only False values. Something like: False, Button press, wait 1s, switch to True for 0.2s, after that to return to False state.