Butterfly Solution exception:object of type 'Guid' has no len()


I keep getting this error, anytime I try to run a sunlight hours analysis with my model. I have never had a problem with it before. I preset the component and decided to run it after I was ready with the geometry I was going to analyze.
But I keep getting this. What may be the problem ? and how can it be solved?
Butterflyhelp.gh (600.6 KB)
Thanks in advance.

Hi -

For help with Butterfly (and Ladybug and Honeybee), see this forum:

That said,

  • don’t post a GH definition with a huge canvas and lots of components that aren’t strictly necessary to reproduce the issue
  • always make sure to internalize any data that refers to geometry in a Rhino file
  • this one doesn’t seem to have anything to do with Butterfly at all
  • for this particular issue, it looks like you went overboard with the Orientation Study Parameters component. Your optional basePoint_ input has 43 points. If you disconnect that input, the definition runs and doesn’t throw an error. [but takes a looooooong time]…



Yes Sir, will do.