Bump map or channels

Hi, I was wondering since
Rhino for Mac doesn’t have displacement maps, is there another way to get a texture onto a surface? I think I have heard of bump maps or channels? Let me know! Thanks, Susan

Yes, you can add a texture to the bump channel of a material in Rhino for Mac via Materials from the Render drop down menu. The standard Hammered material is an example of a basic material with a bump map texture. Drag this to the Model materials section of the materials window to check it out. To see a bump map in a render you will need an HDR file in the environment via File menu>Settings>Background>Environment or some light objects in the scene such as rectangular lights. Keep in mind that bump maps are not actual 3D texture. If that is what you are after, you could use Heightfield command to make a 3D texture from an image or directly model a texture and then FlowAlongSrf to get it on your 3D model.