Bump/Displacement tips for Seawater material



I need some tips about adding bump/displacement in Serengeti.

Is bumpmap the way to go for displacement in seawater material? I struggle with the settings. Where to change the displacement/bump value?

(Willem Derks) #2

Hi Roy,

There is a special tool for actually displacing the rendermesh ( where bump mapping is faking the structure/texture by shading, displacingment is creating an actual rendermesh based on a texture)



Thanks Willem. I just found the dipslacement tab after posting but where to change the amount of displacement? Not sure about the settings

(Willem Derks) #4

Hi Roy,

Black and White point are the amount fully black or white pixels in an image are being displaced from the base-surface.

Also check here:




And you might need to set the custom mesh for the object as Displacement uses that as base.

Here are two simple planes with the same displacement image added:

The only difference is that the one to the right has a custom rendermesh. (But do not set it too high).

Edit: And you need to toggle off the “Simple plane” option in the custom mesh setting.