Bump amplitude not working?

Could it be that the bump amplitude setting on Shapediver doesn’t do anything? At least I can’t tell any difference in the bump map with it at 1 or at 0. A bump amplitude of 0 would mean there is no bump map visible at all. Here you can see an example with a material with only a bump map and a colour at 0 and 1:

I figured it out: it just doesn’t update in the viewer while editing like all the other parameters. You only see it once you have saved it, making finding the right value that much more of a pain :expressionless:

Is it correct this still needs fixing, people at ShapeDiver?

Yes, this still needs fixing I’m afraid but we are working hard on new platform upgrades and you can expect improvements early next year.

In the meantime, adding a bump toggle in your Grasshopper definition to refresh the amplitude is a good workaround.


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