Bump Amplitude - Crashing

Hi everyone,

Im currently having some issues while adjusting the materials on the shpediver’s viewer.
While i’m trying to adjust bump amplitude of a texture + Metalness/Roughness it looks like the interface starts performing calculations, and after a while I recieved this error.


Tried the same definition without the bump map and everything works just fine & smooth.
So the issue seems to be the Bump Amplitude.

Is there anything I can do from my side to fix this issue?


It seems that processing of your model with the bump map exceeds the computation time limit. Try optimisation first to improve the model performance so it can be displayed with the bump map. Find out more in this documentation article, on our blog or the watch the tutorials below. Various optimisation techniques are also covered in detail in the webinar.

Hi Pavol,

Thanks for your reply.

However, the definition is quite fast, there is no possible combination of parameters that would use more than 30% of the maximum calculation time. Is the bump map really using more than the 70% calculation time that is left?

Tested the same thing with a really lightweight definition + low quality meshes and i’m having the same exact issue. There has to be something wrong with the Amplitude parameter in combination with the roughness/metalness params.

Thanks in advance!

That’s unusual, the bump map shouldn’t take so long. Could you post a minimal definition causing the problem?