BullAnt ggConvCurve Error?

Hi All,

I have been attempting to convert poly-curves into Arcs and Lines and I came across BullAnt Geo Gym.
It work well with several other curves (one of which is Curve 3 in here, but not these curves (Curve 1, 2, 4 [screenshot 1]), I especially want to make CURVE 4 to work.

Screenshot 1
(**Curve 1 & 2 are planar to the xy plane; Curve 3 and 4 are planar to their independent C planes, see rhino layer)

Below is the BullAnt script that I have been working on [Screenshot 2]. Data came out of the ggConvCurve component does not seems to be outputting any radii (we can see from the DArc panel)

Screenshot 2

Curve 3 is one of my successful outcomes from this script and is what I want to achieve [screenshot3], annotating the radii and normal arms of each segments.

Screenshot 3

One thing that I have been playing with is the Polyline “set Boolean” input setting of the ggConvCurve[screenshot 4]:

Screenshot 4

For TRUE (Curve 1 & 2) the division points appears on the curve, but the data (see DArc panel) is still null, and no radii is output, hence no annotations. [screenshot 5]

Curve 4
Screenshot 6
For False (Curve 3 & 4), it works for Curve 3, but not Curve 4. The Outcome of Curve is a single line that “closes” the Polyline rather than analyzing the the reference curve. [screenshot6]

I wonder if anyone here can help out to pin point what is the problem here, or more specifically explain under what condition does BullAnt ggConvCurve work or doesn’t work?

Thank you in advance!
BullAnt_Problem.3dm (70.2 KB)
BullAnt Problem.gh (19.6 KB)

@jonm, have you seen this?