Bulb at ends

Is there a way to achieve these bulb like ends for my definition.
I have used fattener component to create mesh around my lines.I need to cap them with these kind of structures.

If there are components other than fattener to make the mesh smoother just like the reference, Please suggest.

Below is my definition and the output I am getting.

Bulb at ends.gh (30.8 KB)

Sure, the Spheres R input of the Fatten component let’s you set the radii for each node at the center of each sphere. So you just have to provide the appropriate sphere for each node of your Steiner tree. The spheres obviously need to be in the same order as the nodes!

What you need to think about is, exactly which nodes you want to make bigger and how to select those. Maybe you only want to thicken the end nodes, which touch the ground? Or you might prefer to turn all end nodes into “bulbs”? You could also provide bigger radii for some nodes within the tree!
Furthermore, you’d need a strategy to define the radii spheres for the other nodes. Maybe you want to define gradually smaller radii for farther away nodes? Or even introduce other parameter that the construction could profit from structurally?

You can smooth a quad mesh with the wbCatmullClark component from Weaverbird.