BuiltInParameter Picker How to?

How do these components get populated? i’ve tried plugging in various types but notta.


LOL. Yeah, that is a bit of a mystery at first. I would like the graphics to be updated on the empty components. This is how they work:

Category or Family into the back of it. Just act like there is actually a input circle on the left.

I hope we get this updated at some point.

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the BuiltInParameter Picker still eludes me.

Me too.

An update on this would be great :slight_smile: it’s confusing that the component accepts an input without an input circle displayed

Those components are obsolete, both are first baby steps on exposing some Revit API constant values mainly for development.

The BuiltInParameter Picker takes a value from the Revit API enum.

An alternative for the ElementType Picker may be using the ‘Value Set Picker’…

Something more compact…

Or even more compact…


Please don’t obsolete that component entirely, its very handy and replaces a python script i was using.

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This is one of the cases where is still necessary and we don’t have a nicer alternative.
We will no remove it until there is a decent replacement.