Building out a Matrix

Hi All,

Apologies for my lack of proper language here - I’ll do my best to describe what I am trying to accomplish in hopes of your guidance towards an easier method.

I am building a tunnel sculpture that will be skinned in an aggregating matrix of intersecting 5’ pipes. These pipes need to connect at two points for structural integrity. The pipes are being standardized for fabrication with a set angle and point of connection with each other (the groups in my file).

Where I am struggling is in how best to connect them to each other and the joists. I have no problem snapping to my first point of connection but after that I have been spending WAY too much time slowly rotating in a variety of viewports only to find it doesn’t actually connect in the Perspective v-port.

Is there a way snap curves together without leaving the first point of connection?

Matrix Help.3dm (158.4 KB)

This is an image from our conceptual design for further clarification - when I modelled this our engineer hadn’t yet told me he needs the curves to intersect for his analysis so I focused on making sure the surfaces touched - per my welding experience.

Hello - I am not sure I get what you need completely, but I had a try at a couple of cases, in the attached file - is that what you are after?
Matrix HelpPossibly.3dm (193.3 KB)