Building one network surface from several surfaces

Dear all,

I am struggling with a little experiment here.
I want to build one new surface from several (in this case three) initial surfaces, using isocurves and NetSurf. Yes, I could use loft but loft just doesn’t give good results at all times.
Any suggestions?
File attached. (26.2 KB)

Your U & V input curve order was wrong. (30.2 KB)

Oh, I noticed the curves weren’t sorted!
I solved it myself. (30.1 KB)

Hi HS_Kim,

that’s funny, we did the same thing but differently.
Ok, problem solved.
I have to try out some more surfaces now. This is very interesting stuff!
Thank you! Your curve sorting is great.


What about this kind of surface? Is there another solution than using untrim?
It would be nice to rebuild the exact same shape (selected/green) instead of rebuilding its origin surface.
Any suggestions?

Best regards,
SFS (34.6 KB)