Building Material Selection Crash Follow up - Grasshopper ArchiCAD Live Connection Beta

App keeps crashing with Grasshopper - ArchiCAD Live Connection Beta version when a Building Material selection attempt is performed in the Wall Settings Component:

  1. The Wall Settings Component is placed in the Grasshopper canvas.
  2. Right click over “Building Material”.
  3. Click in the “Set one Building Material” option of the pop up menu.
  4. Crash.

My suggestion would be to contact the developers of the ArchiCAD Live Connection, which are ArchiCAD devs.

I am not sure if they will see this topic here.


Giulio Piacentino
for Robert McNeel & Associates

Thanks for the advice.

I agree with @piac here…but just one more thing: it’s early days and all this is still beta, so sometimes it might be difficult to discern what is a problem with Grasshopper and what is a problem with the Grasshopper-ArchiCAD Live Connection components (or both!) So, best to also report these issues on the Grasshopper-ArchiCAD beta forum so we can all look at them. We’re in contact with the good people at Graphisoft who are working on this project, but we tend to monitor our own forums with greater regularity. We also tend to presume things are our fault - they usually are :wink: - until we can prove otherwise…but the more eyes on this the better.

Understood! Thanks for the advice.