Building height attractors

Please help me with urban attractors in the geometry of buildings on the site. I need the roofs to be curved along the attractor , taking into account the radius of influence, but without much distortion of the outer faces (the vertical faces along the Z-axis should be distorted by the attractor force).
So far I have conventionally and manually drawn the blocks - what needs to be achieved

This is the height profile

If I just use a point attractor, the outer edges are distorted

Building (35.3 KB)
As an example, here is the post I was guided by (I also tried to replicate the algorithm from the post, but it did not work)

Hi Ilya
Something like this?

But unfortunately I don’t know how to close the top edges (cap doesn’t work). Perhaps someone can tell me how to do it :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Building (57.7 KB)

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Since your boundary curves aren’t planar, you can’t cap the holes. You need to use Patch instead.

Note how the top surfaces are now a slightly curved. That’s the price to pay. :wink:

Building (53.4 KB)


Wow, this is so elementary, but somehow I forgot about Patch.
As always, thank you @diff-arch :wink:

As always, you’re welcome. :wink: