Building a volume from flat shapes

Hi I try to build a volume from flat shapes. For instance draw three 2d triangles and let rhino put them together as a sort of piaramide. Is there a tool that can do this?

Loft tool, if the 3 2d triangles are on different planes

That is not what I mean, let me explain better:

I want to draw a few 2d shapes and build a form with that.
For example connect the side bc with ed and connect ac with gh and then connect point i with f

Is that possible?

Hello- Orient, Orient3pt should help, along with object snapping for precision, all of that followed by Join. This assumes your flat shapes are closed loops have been made into surfaces, (PlanarSrf command). You’ll need to adjust with rotation- I suppose you can make some construction circles to help as well. I’ll see if I can make an example file.

It is a little ugly- see the attached.

solid from flat triangles.3dm(133.4 KB)


Hi, thanks a lot
Is there a tool or plug-in that automates this kind of behaviour. I am playing around with flat shapes to build different volumes. Any suggestion is welcome.


Hi Maarten - are all the shapes triangles?


Hi Pascal,
See here the result.

All the shapes are not triangles but I could work with them as if they where.

I am looking for a way that works like folding paper. Any suggestion?


Hi Maarten,

I had a couple thoughts that might help… One is to work from 3D first and generate the 2D pattern for paper folding from that model. Here’s a video tutorial to explain… Rhino Tech Tips: 3D to 2D to 3D

If you want to work more analogous to actual origami, I’d suggest diving into Grasshopper. Here’s one forum conversation I found but I’m sure there are others.

Thanks a lot Brian,
Thats a good way to go.