Building a swarm of Grasshoppers

I run a facade company, HQ is in Hong Kong with operations in Australia, Philippines, China and soon UK.

We have in house design teams in Hong Kong, China and Manila, we have a few Rhino / Grasshopper guys on board but with a couple of large projects coming up I want to expand the team.

We have worked with resources remotely based before using CAD and Tekla. in 2017-2018 we produced over 100,000 fabrication drawings using teams in China, Romania and India. These were subcontractors.

The projects are large scale high-rise and infrastructure projects.

I will listen to proposals from Subcontract teams and also individuals. PM me your details.

We are setting up a small a test project which we will pay for in order to test applicants. We will send out a package of project information as well as our expected deliverables. The idea is that you will provide your portfoilo and a quotation to do the sample work. We will review portfolios and do a VC interview and choose Subcontractors or individuals to proceed with the test. Our in-house team will evaluate the deliverables and proceed to give contracts to Subcontractors and/or individuals from there.



I’m super interested, where do I send my portfolio?

I have just PMd you. I find your proposal very interesting!

I have PMd you yesterday. The job is very interesting! Waiting for your response.

I PMd. Thanks for your interest.


I PMd you. Thanks for posting.



Hello I can assist you with the requirement on remote basis.

Let’s have a detailed discussion.